Inner Child Workshop

Have you found yourself struggling with clients who present with childhood issues, finding that person-centred approach is ‘just not enough’?

Inner Child work is a powerful therapeutic tool that uses a combination of person-centred, transactional analysis and NLP approaches. It works with clients who present with a wide range of issues that are affecting their adult lives. It facilitates the client reaching back to their difficult childhood; the root of their issues, working through understanding how their childhood is affecting them now, but then dealing with their childhood issues. Inner child work transforms client’s lives and leads to lasting positive change.

Workshop aims

  • How childhood issues affect adulthood
  • Suitable clients for inner child work
  • Extensive tools for inner child work

  • This is an experiential workshop, so you will be expected to take part in exercises we present as though you were a client. This allows you to learn through reflection on your experiences.

    Fee: £300 including lunch (Early bird fee is £250 if booked before 10th March)

    Quotes from inner child clients:

    ‘I have been depressed since my teens. The therapy was hard to go through, but I no longer feel depressed, and the relationships with my husband and my children have really improved. I can’t believe the change in me. I can’t thank you enough.’ SB

    ‘I’ve been in and out of therapy since childhood, but counselling has never been like this. I finally understand why I have felt as I have throughout my life. I have never felt as good as I do now.’ JP

    To book your place: please email or ring 01924 200076.